Tell me about the first incident.

Ok. I just got off the train. This was Tuesday I think, and I spotted a woman down on the square below the platform just standing there staring at the sky.

When was this?

Morning rush. 7:30 or so.

And you could see her all the way from the platform?

Yes, she was standing in the middle of the square. You get quite a nice view of the square from the platform if you take a moment to look between the trains.

Right, so you see a woman in the square.

Yes, I saw her standing there. She was wearing a long tan coat even though it was a warm day. I figured she must be looking at something interesting, so when I got down the stairs I looked up as well. Several people did.

And what did you see?



I mean, there was blue sky and some clouds, but that was it. Nothing worth staring at.

Right. And the other people? Did they see something?

I wouldn't know. I doubt it. People looked up briefly, then went on their way.


Anyway, as I cross the square I realize I know the woman so I went over to ask her what she was …

Wait a minute. You know her?

Well, know and know. I have talked to her before. She's part of the Bridge crew.

Bridge crew?

You know, the people on the train who play Bridge. The card game. A bunch of us bring cards on the train and play a few rounds to pass the time.

Never heard of that. Ok, so you know her from… Bridge. What's her name?

Anna? Anne? Annie? Something like that. Like I said, I don't know know her. She joined in sometimes. Idle chatter. You know.

Right, so you go over to ask this Anne what she's looking at. What does she say?

She said she saw an eye.

An eye?

An eye. She pointed at the sky and said her Sail failed and she saw an eye.

Wait a minute. She said her Sail failed?


Sails don't fail.

I know that. What can I say. You told me I have to be 100% truthful so I'm telling you exactly what happened. That's what she said. Her Sail failed for a brief moment, and she saw an eye.

Sails don't fail. And what did you say?

What do you think I said? Sails don't fail. Everyone knows that. If a sail failed, the person would go mad. She clearly wasn't mad.

She just thought her Sail failed and saw an eye in the sky…

Right. Yeah. You know what I mean. She wasn't mad mad. Just … Weird.

And what did you see?

What do you mean?

You looked where she pointed. What. Did. You. See?

I told you. Nothing. Blue sky, some clouds. There was nothing there.

So that's your statement? This "Anna" said her Sail failed, said she saw an "eye" in the sky, and you just looked up, saw nothing, and went on your way.

Pretty much.

It's imperative that you tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth here.

Do you really think I'd make this up?

Some people don't know what's best for them. Right. Nothing else?



I think she said it would happen again?

What? What do you mean?

When I turned to leave she put her hand on my arm and I think she said something like "Wait and see. It'll happen again."

What did she mean by that?

How am I supposed to know? I guess that's why she was standing there. She was waiting for her Sail to fail again.

Sails don't fail. Get that straight. Sails. Don't. Fail.

You just said "it's imperative that you tell us the whole truth" so that's what I'm doing.

Just be careful what you say, and keep in mind tampering with Sails is a serious crime.

Who said anything about tampering with Sails? Is that why I'm here? Because you think I tampered with a Sail?

No. We're just having a friendly chat.

Right. Friendly. That's what this is.

So did you?

Did I what?

Wait and see?


Why not?

I had to get to work.

Right. Ok. We can verify that. Did you tell anyone else about this?


Are you sure? Not your wife or your colleagues or anyone?

No, why should I?

Someone saying their Sail failed is pretty sensational stuff. Are you sure you didn't tell anyone?

I'm pretty sure if I had told someone, you'd have know about it and we'd be having a less friendly "chat". So no. I mean yes. I'm sure I didn't tell anyone.

Ok. Moving on. Tell me about the second incident.