On the seventh night, Luna filled the sky, his face a perfect circle of light casting blue shadows over the lands. From her window the Princess saw him rise from the water and gaze down upon her. All around them the world went still, the birds halting their song, the waves calming their crashes, the wind pulling back to let his voice be heard.

“Princess,” he said, his voice deep and soft as rich velvet. “I have come for you.”

She leaned out of the window, her hands against its sill, to bathe in the cool embrace of his light. “I am here for you my love,” she whispered, a sudden wind taking her words and carrying them out to sea, out to where her love was waiting.

“Princess,” he spoke again. “Come to me tonight. Take only that which adorns your body. You will want for nothing in my embrace.”

As he said those last words, he hid behind a cloud, to hide his blush of impropriety she knew. She stepped back into her room, opened her box of jewellery, and took out her three most precious items: A necklace of pure white gold, adorned with symbols of Luna, a bracelet of platinum, with his face carved and set in diamonds, and her white stone ring carrying the largest moonstone in the kingdom. As she put them on, she rose her head to meet herself in the mirror, seeing Luna watching patiently over her left shoulder.

“Princess, come to me. Come now!” he whispered, his voice so close she could feel his breath on her neck. She closed her eyes and let his light wash over her body like a thousand hands caressing her every inch of skin. Then she strode out on her balcony, down the steps to the garden, past the fountains and roses and large jade pagodas, and dug her bare feet into the sand on the beach.

“I am here for you,” she spoke into the wind and crashing waves. “I am ready. Lead me into your embrace.”

She lifted her right foot and put it in front of the other, pulling the silk shawl off her head. She lifted her left foot and put it in front of the other, pulling her dress off her shoulders. She lifted her right foot and put it in front of the other, letting her dress drop to the ground. She put her left foot in front of the other and stood before him, her bare skin gleaming in his light, her jewellery sparkling like fire around her finger, her hand, her neck.

“Step into me,” he said and a warm wind built up behind her leading her across the warm sand, through the surf, and into his light as it danced in the water, the cool waves covering her body like the finest silk sheets.

Luna pulled her under and kissed her. She closed her eyes and drifted into him.